Milestone 1.5: Activity

Status: Early design exploration

Design milestone, Figma

In previous milestones, we added wallet creation and import. Now we add display of transactions and balances.

Below are explorations of various activity screen states. These will change as we get closer to the implementation of this milestone.

  • During initial block download when no transaction data is available
  • Blocks are downloaded and wallet has no transactions yet
  • 3 transactions
  • Lots of transactions with pagination and expanded search & filter options
  • Active search with some results
  • Active search with no results
Six mock-ups of the activity screen showing various content states

On mobile, the layout slightly changes. Some horizontally stacked elements switch to a vertical layout.

Two mobile screens showing a short and a long transaction list

Transaction types and states are visually respresented in shapes and colors.

Color and shape coding legend for transactions

Filter options are taken from the QT GUI and may change from these designs.

Two dropdown panels with filter options with date ranges and transaction types

Various transaction states on mobile.

Table showing mobile layouts of transactions states with matching labels

Various transaction states on desktop.

Table showing desktop layouts of transactions states with matching labels

An early iteration of a transaction details screen.

A transaction details screen