Milestone 1.7: Sending bitcoin

Status: Early design exploration

Design milestone, Figma

The big goal is to provide full-fledged wallet features for view-only, single-key, and multi-key wallets, as well as hardware wallet support and more. The specifics are yet to be determined and will be tackled via smaller milestone releases.

A major step in development is the moment when the application reaches parity with the existing QT GUI and can take its place. This requires a lot of foundational work in the codebase, and a lot of front-end development work.

Below is a visual map of how we can reach this parity point based on Milestone 1, split up into distinct milestones. Each milestone adds a mostly self-contained set of features, with milestones building on each other. These are explained in more detail in the following pages.

A visual map of which screens will be added in the 1.6 milestone

Below are explorations of the user flows for sending bitcoin. Click to see them larger.

User flow mock-ups for creating a new single-key wallet.