Milestones 1.x

The big goal for milestone 2 is to reach a parity point with the existing QT-based application, so it can take its place. This requires a lot of foundational work in the codebase, and a lot of front-end development work.

We need to provide full-fledged wallet features for single-key wallets across the whole wallet lifecycle. The specifics are yet to be determined and will be tackled via smaller milestone releases.

Below is a visual map of how we can reach this parity point based on Milestone 1, split up into distinct milestones. White screens already exist in milestone 1. Each milestone adds a mostly self-contained set of features, with milestones building on each other. These are explained in more detail in the following pages.

A visual map of which screens will be added in 1.x milestones

Note that these are primarily design-driven milestones. Development milestones may differ, and things may need to be adjusted along the way.

Planned milestones: